Set to release his dynamic, multi-genre musical compositions, as part of his memorable 4-track EP ‘City Lights Country Nights’, Jonsy promises nothing short of surprises and inspirational compositions that amaze and excite.

Seamlessly blending the varied and diverse genres of the musical world, such as Hip Hop, Pop, and Country, soaring new sensation, Jonsy is morphing into a true force. A breakthrough artist, who is changing the fabric of independent music in Canada, Jonsy is inspired to make a name for himself, while also galvanizing his musical skills with each new release.

Bringing back a wave of refreshing music to tried and tested genres, the artist promises something that few before him have, a sound that is memorable, catchy and yet also unique. Jonsy’s 4-track much-awaited EP, aptly titled ‘City Lights Country Nights’, will focus on the highs and lows of life in different dimensions, moving listeners and immersing them in a whole different world.

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