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Damion Jones, artistically known as Jonsy, is a Canadian entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, animal lover, dedicated father and hip hop artist from Calgary, Alberta. His debut album under the new moniker Jonsy, entitled Reflections, has successfully sold over 4,500 units worldwide. Most recently, Jonsy had returned from a 21-day European tour with Grammy award winning, Bad Boy Entertainment signee, Tony Dofat.

Though born in Calgary, Alberta, Damion and his mother moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada shortly after his birth. He was adopted by his uncle and aunt when family conflicts would not able his mother to continue taking care of him. As Jonsy went through his child and teenage years he found himself getting into trouble very quickly. Jonsy would soon find issues, specifically in school, as he would later fail grade 3, get kicked out in grade 6 and began getting in trouble with the law by the age of 17 years old. During this time Jonsy found comfort in hip hop as listening to Tupac became a daily routine. When Damion’s uncle and aunt began running out of disciplinary action for all of his mischief they turned to taking his Tupac CDs, this was the moment that Jonsy began filling up his time with writing. It was here that Jonsy discovered a new love the art of music.

At 16 years old, Jonsy connected with an artist named G-Wolf. As his relationship with G began growing it would soon lead to recording with Switch Records, an independent record label from Hamilton, Ontario. Here Jonsy started his recording career as he recorded his first songs with G-Wolf and the Hamilton-based label. By 22 years old Jonsy would join local hip hop group Steel City Rydaz, who he would record and perform with regularly for 7 strong years. During this time he took a liking to the business side of music; booking shows, marketing his music and even negotiating label deals.

In 2013, Jonsy desired a fresh start for him and his family. He decided to move to Calgary, where his biological father had lived. It’s here that Jonsy began building a new start from all the troubles of his past. With new beginnings came a new solo career under his legal name Damion Jones. Under this moniker, and while building in this new market, Jonsy continued building a catalog of singles leading to a label signing in 2015 with 3 Entertainment, an independent record label in Calgary, Ontario.

In 2018, Damion Jones officially became Jonsy. He released his new project “Reflections” which would go on to sell over 4,500 units in 2019. A lot of sales were contributed to Jonsy‚Äôs created MP3 Packages. Within the two years as Jonsy, he has performed with Prada West, Chad Mcghie and most recently Tony Dofat on a 21-day European tour. Jonsy’s most recent single “Without You” featuring Stevie Ross currently sits at over 40,000 streams on Spotify.



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